Aug 25, 2008

Minimum requirements for Life

Posted by Pedro

There are 4 things that are to be the basis of life. These are love, wisdom, favor and dreams. Each has their own strength and value. Different yet equal. Love is at times referred as the ultimate commandment, by which all actions are to line up by. Wisdom is commonly referred as being as precious as rubies. There is a misconception as to the most valuable precious stone in our earth; many believe it's the diamond. This is not so. Not that the diamond is not precious, as it is very much so. It's ultimately composed of carbon; the same stuff pencils are made of, what differs is the process and amount of work need to be achieved. Favor isn't fair, however to recognize it and be able to walk in it, is definitely a privilege. Dreams, are the souls of mankind crying out to be heard and achieved. Many ignored and not fulfilled. Dreams kick in when you are done with your goals and tasks, and wonder what the next step is.